Complete Denture: Diagnostic Impression taking

In some patient there can be landmarks that need to be corrected before the placing of Complete Denture in his/her oral cavity and all the procedures that come in this category are known as Pre-prosthetic surgical procedures.

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In the first step of Pre-prosthetic surgical procedure before the placement of Complete Denture, a Diagnostic impression is prepared so that the need of surgery that is required can be known.

Diagnostic Impression in Complete Denture

It should be understood that this Diagnostic Impression is not going to work for the fabrication of Complete Denture but it has another purpose of treatment planning for the patient. This Diagnostic Impression in Complete Denture is the exact copy of oral tissues and it is used for the preparation of Diagnostic Cast.

In Complete Denture, this Diagnostic Cast is the one that is used for the study purposes like up to which extent the undercut is present and what will be the method of insertion for the Complete Denture.

Making the Diagnostic Impression in Complete Denture

In Complete Denture, the Diagnostic Impression is made with the help of elastic material like agar or alginate. The rigid material is not preferred in making these impressions as these materials tend to break away from the areas having undercuts because of their tendency to get locked in the same. Alginate is the most preferred in making Diagnostic Impression in Complete Denture.

Procedure of taking Diagnostic Impression

• The armamentarium that is required for taking the Diagnostic Impression before Complete Denture contains mouth mirror, probe, perforated stock trays, rubber bowl and spatula, alginate impression material and measuring scoops.

• Before the making of Complete Denture, the Diagnostic Impression should be taken when complete healing is ensured and there should be no unhealed socket present in the oral cavity.

• During examining the oral cavity for preparation of Complete Denture, it should be properly examined for the undercut areas and the freshly healed ulcers. Pressure should be less on the healed areas.

• Stock trays that are used for taking the Diagnostic Impression should be used that have the clearance of at least 2-3mm and these trays should not be excess small and large for making the impression before the making of Complete Denture.

• Any modification that is necessary in the trays should be done before taking the impression.

• After mixing the alginate with sufficient amount of water, it should be quickly loaded into the tray and then insertion into the patient’s mouth is done afterwards.

• Afterwards the tray should be supported till the impression material is set.

• Afterwards the impression should be removed in a little snap with taking a very little time.

• And if there is find any of the undercut the impression should be removed from the direction of undercut.

Before making the Complete Denture, the cast should be poured and then the treatment that is required surgically should be determined by the professional person.

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