How to stop tooth decay

How to stop tooth decay : Tooth Decay which is also known as tooth destruction and this Tooth Decay mainly involves enamel (which is known as the hardest substance of body) and dentin (the layer just next to the enamel covering the pulp). Read on the article and I will tell you the measures to stop tooth decay.

How to stop tooth decay

How to stop tooth decay

The main mechanism by which Tooth Decay occurs is the food lodgement between the cusps and the other surfaces of the teeth, which is then attacked by bacterial colonies present in the oral cavity naturally. These bacteria come in contact with the teeth with the help of saliva. This induces plaque formation and thus there occurs the adherence of food and bacteria with tooth surface. Then these bacteria act upon the food and convert it into some acid that forms pits and then finally the cavities on the tooth surface. This process continues and it leads to Tooth Decay and finally Dental Caries can be seen there.

Tooth Decay Causes

There are various reasons that cause Tooth Decay. Initially it was thought that Tooth Decay is most commonly seen in children due to their habit of taking lots of sweet things and the ignorance of their towards the maintenance of oral hygiene. But in some recent searches it has been seen that the ratio of existence of Tooth Decay is similar in adults as well as children.

Also in old age there occurs recession of gums, that leads to the direct contact of plaque with root surfaces and leads to Tooth Decay of these root surfaces. This results in the formation of root caries. Thus the chances of having Tooth Decay are similar at any age depending upon the oral hygiene of the person.

Defective filling is the second most common cause of Tooth Decay when the oral hygiene is in favourable conditions. When the filling is defective the bacteria get their way to the lodged food and causes acid formation there and there Tooth Decay can occur secondarily there.

Prevention of Tooth Decay

• Brushing regularly twice in the morning and night time can help to maintain the oral hygiene of the person and thus there can be less chances of Tooth Decay. Fluoride containing tooth pastes are also effective in preventing Tooth Decay. Tooth Brushing removes the food debris on any of the surface of teeth and thus prevent Tooth Decay to occur.

• Dental Flossing helps in the removal of food particles that were not removed by brushing alone and thus helps in the prevention of Tooth Decay. Fluoride rinses are also very helpful.

• In between meals are most responsible for Tooth Decay, thus there should be avoidance of regarding these. Sugar intake should be less and after having sweet things there should be habit of brushing the teeth so that Tooth Decay can be avoided.

• Regular Dental checkups to locate Tooth Decay are very necessary and if pit and fissure caries are seen these should be covered up with the help of sealants by removing the carious tooth structure.

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  1. varun
    on Nov 10th, 2011
    @ 5:10 am

    i had lost my internal teeth once 2 months back! i stopped eating from that area! now my mouth doesnt opens from that side very swiftly! opens with a tick sound!now i am getting root canal done as dentist suggested! dentist also said that joint might have dislocated! can u please tell me what to do?..will it become normal after i start chewing frm that side!…will my face look odd?

  2. Online dentist
    on Nov 13th, 2011
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    If there is present clicking or tickling sound on the opening or closing of mouth then it is sure that you are facing some problem related with Temporomandibular Joint. There are various treatment options available but the main method which is used is based on exercises. Once it gets corrected there will be no sound but it takes time. There will be no facial asymmetry as you are worrying about.

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