Tooth Decay: Stop it without Pain

Scientists have now developed a new technique of stopping Tooth Decay and the technique is named as Crowning Technique.
painless dental treatment
Tooth Decay is the most common of all the dental problems and every 7 out of 10 people is noticed suffering from it in the present time. Even thinking of treating the Tooth Decay can threaten a person like hell. But now with the new discovery of Crowning Technique, one can escape from the painful procedures of getting the filling done and even in this technique there is no need of painful injections.

As reported by Daily Mail, NHS has invested 3 Million Dollars into the investigations of this technique worldwide and the whole research is based on the data concluded by Pilot studies. This Crowning Technique says that Tooth Decay can be treated by just stopping it and there is no need to scrap off the carious part. But the lagging point is that this technique is only suitable for only deciduous teeth in children and it has no use for adults.

In the normal technique of treating Tooth Decay, the area is anaesthetised followed by scrapping off the dead part and then restoring the tooth is done with the help of filings. But according to recent Hall’s Technique named after Dentist Norna Hall, there is no need to remove the dead part.

In Hall’s Technique, tooth sized crown is placed on the tooth and is slipped upon the tooth inhibiting the survival of bacteria inside the tooth. Due to no supply of oxygen and bacteria, Tooth Decay comes to rest and thus there occurs no pain. The crown remains in its place until the natural falling out of tooth occurs.

According to Dentist Hall, “Sealing the Tooth Decay is lot better than the fillings and we have come with a strong body supporting this as the team has investigated the fact for almost 30 years.” She also said that although most of the dentists take Tooth Decay as gangrene like disease and they think it is better to cut down the dead part than to treat it.

Results have been seen and compared with Hall’s technique and with fillings and the complications like abscess formation, further decay of tooth was 2% in case of Hall’s technique which is lot better than fillings where the complications rated 15%.

According to the team, although the Crowning Technique now works only for child teeth but they are making efforts to make it compatible for the adults also.

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