ORTHODONTICS: Branches of Dentistry

Orthodontic is that branch that focuses on the study of growth and development and is concerned with the prevention, interception and correction of malocclusion of the facial and dental region. This word Orthodontics has been derived from Greek Words orthos meaning correct and odontos meaning teeth.
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Orthodontics, the branch of dentistry comes to the light in 1922 when the man noticed some abnormalities in the dento facial region and the curiosity of correcting the same leads the result.

Normal alignment of the teeth is not only necessary for aesthetics of the person but it also contributes in maintaining the oral health of the person at the same time. Correct tooth alignment is necessary for the proper function of all the teeth and overall safety of the dental health.

The main aim of the Orthodontics is to correct the malocclusion. There are some unfavourable consequences of having malocclusion and thus it became necessary to correct these.

The unfavourable points regarding malocclusion are:

• Malocclusion affects adversely the facial appearance of the individual and the person always undergoes degradation with the appearance.
• Due to irregularities in the teeth there are chances of having dental caries in the teeth as the tooth brush can not reach at every place because of the alignment that varies in malocclusion.
• Also due to the poor oral hygiene there are also the chances of having gum diseases in the person.
• There is also the risk of having trauma due to poor alignments of the teeth.

Aims of Orthodontics

1. Functional Efficiency

Orthodontics helps in improving the functional efficiencies of the oro-facial region as these get affected by many of the malocclusions.

2. Structural Balance

With the help of Orthodontics we can get the balance between the alveolar system, skeletal system and soft tissues because in correcting the malocclusion the stabilization of each three of these are the main principle.

3. Aesthetic Harmony

Orthodontics leads to improvement of the outer appearance of teeth and this not only increase the self confidence of the affected person but also increases the value of the person in society.

Services by Orthodontics

1. Preventive Orthodontics

Prevention is greater than cure and Orthodontics has the basis of it as it mainly focuses on treating the malocclusion at an early age than letting it going worse.

2. Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive Orthodontics includes procedures that are undertaken at an early stage of a malocclusion to eliminate or reduce the severity of the same.

3. Corrective Orthodontics

Orthodontic procedures that are undertaken to correct a fully established malocclusion with all the measures that can be taken.

4. Surgical Procedures

This involves the surgical procedures in Orthodontics that are used to correct the malocclusion at older ages when the growth of the person ceases.

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