Cavities in Children: Signs and treatment

Cavities in Children : We know most of us does not give much importance to the fact of treating diseases by going to the doctor and rather provoke the natural health by its own way. This fact has added counter back fire in the system of dentistry and the result is that mostly there are found Cavities in Children.

cavities in children treatment

Cause of Cavities in Children

The main cause of having Cavities, basically relies on 3 factors that include bacteria, food and saliva. In food the main content that causes cavities is the sugar. Sugar is the main part that attracts bacteria and they feed upon it. With the help of saliva, the bacteria come in contact with the food that remains between the cusps of teeth and along the other surfaces also. They form colonies and release acidic contents and products. These acidic contents attack on enamel as the enamel is only soluble in acidic things and this is the main reason of cavities.

Another reason is the inability to maintain oral hygiene. This reason is mostly seen in the children with mental inability that aggravates the factors of dental caries and thus leads to the formation of Cavities.

Prevention of Cavities in Children

There are some basic rules that should be followed by each parent so as to avoid Cavities in their Children.

• When the baby is small, clear the gum pads with the help of gel on clean cloth and the cloth should be soft enough so as to avoid injuries to the gum pads.

• After having the feed from bottle, don’t let your baby sleep directly. Else you should clean the mouth with water or cloth so as to avoid Cavities.

• When the baby has got some primary teeth in his mouth then start the brushing procedure with paste without fluoride content. Use paste that contains xylitol as these replaces the sugar in food and thus prevents the Cavities.

• Xylitol rinses are also effective in preventing the Cavities. When the child reaches at the age of 7-8 years, enable him to do brushing by his/her own. Up to this age, this is the duty of parents to do the brushing of children.

• Regular check up for any black spot in the teeth of children is also very necessary as with the help of just viewing these you can prevent the worst condition of Cavities.

• Diet should be planned properly. Fast food consumption should be less. There should be inclusion of fruits and multivitamins in diet so as to prevent the Cavities and to maintain good health.

Cavities in Children : Treatment

If Cavities have already occurred then the operative treatment is necessary but never let the dentist to fill the cavity of child with silver amalgam as this contains mercury and this can be harmful. Composite and Glass Ionomer Cement are the main choices for treating Cavities.

Novamin containing toothpastes are good to use for the children for preventing Cavities.

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