Root Canal Treatment: First step

In the Root Canal Treatment the main aim of the dentist remains to excavate out the whole pulp i.e. the main part which carries nerves for all the sensations and then fill this empty part of the tooth with some suitable and biocompatible material.

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In the Root Canal Treatment after making the complete diagnosis the procedure is start with the first step of Root Canal Treatment and this is Access Opening. In Access Opening, the tooth is cut to make a cavity that leads to the way of pulp canals.

However before starting with the Root Canal Treatment the diagnosis remains at the place of great importance because some of the teeth have poor prognosis even after going through the procedure of Root Canal Treatment very carefully. These cases are when the carious part involves the root portion of the tooth, the furcation area got involved in preparing the access cavity and the tooth where fracture has occurred and there is no way to compromise with this fracture.

In the first step of Root Canal Treatment i.e. Access cavity preparation there are different approaches for different teeth. As in the anterior teeth i.e. incisors the approach for this step of Root Canal Treatment is from the lingual and palatal side and this step comes to the completion with the help of air rotor. In the posterior teeth, the occulusal part is the choice for access opening during the procedure of Root Canal Treatment.

This Access cavity preparation of Root Canal Treatment accomplishes in the posterior teeth with the visibility of dentinal map and in the anterior teeth, this can be determined with the help of nickel titanium files that when entered into the access preparation makes it way up to the canal.

After this step of Root Canal Treatment, filing with the help of Nickel titanium files is very necessary as to excavate the infected pulp out of pulp canals and to relieve the patient from pain.

After being done with the Access Opening of the tooth and filing procedure of the Root Canal Treatment, the dressing with some soothing agent is required. Many options are available in this count but the agent that is used from a long time is Formocresol but with using its large quantity there can be systemic complications so it should be used on cotton with properly squeezed manner. This dressing is used for the death of remaining pulp that has left behind even after the filing procedure.

After giving the dressing the opened tooth should be closed with the help of temporary filling.

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